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spike bullet January 2016 – Forecast for the Year

January 2016: Forecast for the year  
A few tips for managing in the new year 
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spike bullet January 2016 – Forecast for the Year

For most of the years we have done a newsletter, we have done a forecast in January.  Last year, we skipped it due to the series we were running, so it has been a while since we tried to feel and interpret the new energies. 

For 2016, we expect to see lots of changes – some good, some not so good, some exciting, some not so much fun.  

For the past 15 years, we in the United States have been going through major changes in our belief systems about the way the world is and the way it should be.   We have been attacked and had our sense of security greatly shaken.  We have seen one of our major institutions fail (the finance and banking system) and we have experienced a major recession.  We have seen violence at unparalleled levels and weather that refuses to follow normal patterns. 

We have been shaken, rattled and twisted around in unthinkable ways.  Now we are seeing the economy continue to strengthen and people are much less fearful than they were just a few short years ago.

For 2016, we expect to see continued improvements in the economy and our ability have a life of relative security.  We don't expect any radical changes - just continued slow and steady as she goes for the very near future. 

The new year starts out with a Mercury retrograde, so we start with a time of re-do and things breaking down.  For those who may not follow Mercury retrograde, it is a time of communication glitches, airplane schedule disruptions, computer breakdowns for no reason, lost mail, misunderstood messages, etc.  It happens about every 5 months regularly.  It is a chance to slow down and take care of things that need fixing. 

After we get through Mercury’s influence, things will start to heat up.  In the United States, we have a presidential election in the fall.  The rhetoric will be increasing and the political games will be played out with lots of drama all around.  There will be lots of opportunity to laugh at the craziness so keep it all in perspective, laugh a lot and listen to your own inner guidance about how to participate.

We expect to see continued improvements in health care and will eventually see some diseases that plague us today cured.  Many new advances will seem like miracles and they are.  There are many people working on things that were not even considered just a few years ago.  For example, we have always believed that our DNA is fixed and unchangeable.  There have been more and more reports that some people have changed their DNA and cured their "incurable" diseases.  Look for more about this in coming years.

The idea of a national health care system is becoming more comfortable for many people.  This is a long-term change in our society’s belief system that won’t happen overnight or all at once.

As the population ages and the "baby boomer" generation retires from full-time employment, we expect to see more industries and services to support the changing demographic that shift causes.  If more people are healthier and can live longer, they can offer their experience and services to a society that appreciates the benefits of their wisdom – whether in better grand-parenting, volunteer work, small business endeavors or simply being of service in their community in some way.  All of society benefits when all of its citizens are healthy, prosperous and contributing to society.

New forms of education are on the horizon.  The current educational model is one that has been rigid for too long.  We expect to see more cracks in the current system and more opportunities coming forth to help that system adjust to the changing needs of our society.

We have written before about the changing values of our society  – moving away from cut-throat competition to more cooperation in every possible way.  This is an over-arching theme that continues to evolve as evidenced by the way business is being done and the way social media is allowing more and more people to connect with others and work together collaboratively.  A look back to our recent past shows how much more business collaboration is happening now than just 15-20 years ago.  Corporate computer networks, video conferencing tools, instant messaging systems and global file sharing services are just a few of the many ways that evolving technology is supporting this huge societal change.

Technology, of course, continues to change at a rapid pace.  The formerly separate industries of phones and computers continue to merge, along with video and messaging — all of which are now all supported by a company’s single technology support staff.  Technology is infusing all industries to the point that a business can no longer function well without it.  Almost everyone (in the US at least) must keep up with it to some degree in order to be able to work and do business.  More and more industries that were able to function well without technology for many years are finding that technology enhances their business as well – from home construction to landscaping and garbage collection.

For the first time in human history, we are questioning whether going to war is the right thing to do.  Never before has the idea of not going war over serious conflict even been considered.  This alone is a major sign of our changing societal values.  

While changes come to existing industries, old ways of doing things must end and new industries will come forth.

New advances in energy sources and production will find more traction in future years.  We are at the beginning of a major change in the way our energy systems evolve.  Twenty years from now, we expect to see radical differences from today’s energy sources and services.

On a personal level, people are learning that they are more in control of their lives than ever before and are learning to trust their own beliefs, opinions and intuition.  This contradicts the training we have been given since we were children, where we were always told to do what our parents, care-givers or teachers thought was best.  As we become more mature and let go of those imposed, imprinted beliefs, we become much stronger in the leadership of our own life — we learn to trust our own intuition and our own beliefs more than those that were forced on us.

What this means to society is that we are stronger in our ability to be responsible and to take charge of our own life.  It affects what jobs we are willing to do, what levels of dedication we are willing to give to a company, our commitment to relationships, our health and well-being, our voting patterns and our buying patterns.

We are less likely to be influenced by flim-flam marketing and more able to see the truth behind hype and mistruths spread by people who expect everyone to follow like sheep.  This is part of a general maturing of society.  And, at the same time, it produces some normal turbulence as we make major shifts in our thinking and our beliefs.  We are more interested in what makes us feel good, and less interested in what others think or feel about what we do.

The impact on society and business is that we are more interested in respecting credible leaders who care about the business or society as a whole and less interested in leaders who would lead us down a patch of destructive behavior for their selfish own gains.  People are becoming smarter about who they are willing to follow and who they are willing to listen to.

We are seeing this in the radically changing forms of media where we used to depend on a local newspaper to tell us what was happening in our community.  Now, we can get "news" from a wide variety of sources.  This also adds to our confusion as it is no longer clear who really is "the media" and who is just making up stories.  Who should we believe?  That is something we have to learn to work out for ourselves and again reflects a maturing society that is able to think for itself and make decisions based on internal values and beliefs, rather than following what others tell us to do.  I noticed one sign of our changing beliefs when gathering articles for our links section for this article - "2016 Forecast: the Experts Will be Wrong." 

A few tips for managing in the new year:

  1. Be clear about what is right for you.  Be clear about your own motives and what is being asked of you.  Pay attention to what is right for you not someone else’s beliefs or expectations.
  2. Pay attention to your own intuition about people and events.  Learn to ask for help.  We don’t have to do everything alone.  Help can come from other people or from our own inner guidance in whatever form that takes for each person.
  3. Take time every day to get clear about what is important to you for that day and proceed with your own goals as your highest priority.  Most of our fears are simply illusions – created by our own mind – and not real at all.  Keep moving forward toward your own goals and you will be just fine.  Read the ancient story of the "Room of 1000 Demons" (see links below).
  4. Every day, allow yourself to be grateful for all that you already have: the Earth, the beautiful sunrise, the glorious sunset, the warmth of the sun, the light of moon, the beauty of the stars, the exquisite planet and living things all around us, your miraculous physical body, the wonderful people in your life, the abundance that you have already, and your own unique gifts and talents that you share with the world.
  5. Keep a sense of humor about the drama and craziness that is going on all around us every day.  See it as entertainment, not truth.  There will be plenty of opportunities to laugh this year.
  6. Remember that over the long term, this year is just a blink of an eye.  If times are difficult for you now, that will change.  And, if things are going along very smoothly, that will change eventually also.  Keep moving toward your own goals and you will be just fine.
  7. Every day, be inspired by whatever appeals to you – flowers, nature, people you love, the grace of a ballerina, music, a job well done, something that you created, your own happiness, your spiritual self.  Use whatever methods you can to allow yourself to feel more expanded and more open to possibilities.

Our wish for you in 2016:

May the new year bring you your fondest wishes, happiness beyond measure, true friends and loving relationships, abundance in every possible way, dreams fulfilled and joy to fill your heart.

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