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spike bullet January 2020 New California Privacy Rules

Special edition:

This month, the new California data privacy rules go into effect.  We are not required to comply with the new law as we are below the annual gross revenue of $25 million.  However, we do respect everyone who visits our website and may have signed up for our newsletter in the past.  

We have updated our Privacy Policy as have many other companies.

Since we are no longer writing monthly articles, we want to be sure that anyone who wants to change their information or unsubscribe has the information to do so.

Our updated Privacy Policy is available at

At the bottom of each email are links to change your subscription or remove yourself from our mailing list.

We are very grateful for the many people who have enjoyed our newsletters over the years and will maintain our website so that those who are interested can continue to read what is here.

We leave you with an Irish blessing:

May we live in peace without weeping.

May our joy outlive the lives we touch without ceasing.

And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.


spike bullet If you have comments about this topic, please let us know.  See our Privacy Policy

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The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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