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spike bullet September 2016 ~ Breakdowns and Do Overs

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color bulletSeptember 2016 ~ Breakdowns and Do Overs

We are in the midst of Mercury Retrograde, which as many computer people know, often affects computers, technology, electronics, communications, phones, transportation and mechanical things.

Mercury Retrograde lasts 5-7 weeks overall and give us a chance to fix things that need fixing and re-do things that need re-doing, etc.

Mercury Retrograde periods also frustrate the heck out of us when our computer wonít turn on, our hard drive crashes. software wonít work correctly, our favorite website is down, our refrigerator dies suddenly, our car breaks down, our phone line gets cut, our iPad is acting up, a bill didnít get paid, someone forgets a meeting, a silly argument arises over nothing or the cable goes out.  All of these happen regularly during this Mercury retrograde.

How to cope with Mercury Retrograde:

  • Be sure to keep your computers backed up regularly.
  • Make sure you have good virus protection on your home computer and business network.
  • Keep your vehicles maintained on schedule.
  • Pay extra attention to details when signing contracts or writing proposals.
  • When planning a trip or making reservation, double-check and triple-check the details.
  • Make time to relax when stressed.
  • Be more patient with others. 
  • Keep a good sense of humor about it all. 

And, when things break, fix them or replace them.  Donít go into a panic or create a big drama about "why me?"  Just fix what needs to be fixed and move on.

When mail gets lost or emails donít come through as they should, take a deep breath and either re-do and wait a while to see if it gets resolved.

With life in our world speeding up at a dizzying pace, it is hard to stay calm, grounded and centered all the time.  The short periods of Mercury Retrograde gives us a chance to slow down and take care of those things that havenít been taken care of.  Like it or not, it happens regularly Ė about every 5 months.

Rather than get frustrated or angry, know that the stars will soon be aligned correctly and we will move through this challenge, too.  Find some humor in the breakdowns or see this time as a chance to slow down or change gears for a short time, or to fix something that has been postponed too long.


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A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything ~ Irish Proverb


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Page updated: October 16, 2023      

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