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spike bullet December 2015 ~ The 10 Commandments of a Happy Work Life 

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color bulletDecember 2015 ~ The 10 Commandments of a Happy Work Life 

by Tom Terez

1. Thou shalt honor thyself

Your brain can process 100 trillion instructions per second while using the equivalent of just 12 watts of power.  Your heart beats 100,000 times per day, carrying your blood some 12,000 miles.  You’re able to imagine, create, communicate and love.  Take time to be in awe of yourself.

2. Thou shalt be true to thyself

Only one person has your portfolio of experience, know-how, skills and style.  You’re in charge of putting it to work without compromise.  If you need inspiration, consider Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and Thomas Edison.  These greats (and many others) enriched the world by making the most of their differences.

3. Thou shalt speak up

When you have a good idea, share it.  When you have a question, ask it.  When your help is needed, offer it.  When you envision a better approach, put it in spoken word.  Your voice needs to be heard.

4. Thou shalt strive to simplify

Take a fresh look at your schedule and eliminate activities that seems important but aren’t.  An action is either mission-driven or mere motion. Keep the former, ditch the latter.

5. Thou shalt assume the best

Few people wake up and declare: "I’m going to make this a horrible day for myself and my co-workers."  Most people want good days in which they use their know-how, exercise their creativity and make a positive contribution. Assume and expect the best and you’ll see more of it all around you.

6. Thou shalt fix processes, not people

It’s tempting to blame that missed deadline or fouled-up project on a nearby colleague.  The fact is, problems almost always occur because of process issues, not people.  So cut your co-workers some slack — and enlist their help in analyzing and improving how things get done in your workplace.

7. Thou shalt serve a greater purpose 

Henry David Thoreau put it well: "It is not enough to be busy — so are the ants.  The question is: What are we busy about?" What is the mission that gives meaning to all of your work-related busyness?

8. Thou shalt be interested

Want to be interesting?  Then be interested — in people, processes, clients, customers, competitors and more.  Open your eyes wider.  Be more curious.  Seek new challenges.  Start more conversations.  Make a point of asking questions rather than making statements.  Turn your work world and the larger world, into your own lifelong school.

9. Thou shalt honor time away from work

You’re a human being, not a human doing.  Treat yourself accordingly by rounding out how you spend your time.  Balance your time at work with time at home, outdoors, in the community and elsewhere.  You’ll recharge your battery while gaining new insights and perspectives that inform your work.

10. Thou shalt be thine own best manager

The sooner you take responsibility for your own happiness and fulfillment, the sooner you’ll achieve it.


Copyright June 2015 Tom Terez. Source:  used with permission.  
Deja vu: Yes, for our regular newsletter readers, this is an updated version of our newsletter article from December 2009. 

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