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spike bullet November 2016 ~ Post Election: Waking Up in the Wrong Parallel

No One and Nothing is Against You
What Happened? 
Seek First to Understand
Michael's Forecast Update
What Can We Do?  How Can We  Cope?
Message of support from Jos� and Lena Stevens
More Suggestions from Sandra Ingerman
Resources (links, books, articles)

color bullet Post Election: Waking Up in the Wrong Parallel

After all the predictions of a huge win for Hillary Clinton, we wake up (or stayed up) to learn that she did not win,  Instead, Donald Trump will be our new president in January 2017.

Like many others, I was in shock.  As I go through the stages of grief: shock, denial, anger, confusion and trying to understand, I am wondering how I can live in the reality that I find myself.  I am not alone.  I am far from alone in this feeling.  The majority of the people in our country are feeling the same thing.  

What Happened?

This is as huge an event as 9/11 in our lifetime.  Make no mistake, this is a huge event that could change our future for many years.  Our reality has shifted into an alternate universe.

According to our soul level teacher, Michael, as channeled by Michael North, there was a minority parallel universe created by the November 2016 election in our country.  That means that in the majority parallel, Hillary Clinton did win and will be the president of the United States in January 2017, making history for the United States.  A lot of people are ecstatic about that.  And, millions of people are not happy about that in that parallel, though they are in the minority.

In the parallel where this is being written, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and Donald Trump won the electoral vote � at least, that is where it is as this is being written on November 10, 2016 with votes counted from election day, and mail in ballots and provisional ballots yet to be counted.

Parallel universes are created when major decisions happen.  And, make no mistake, this was a major decision of historic and dramatic proportions for the United States and for the entire world.  In the majority parallel, Hillary Clinton did win big.  Our country won big.  Our world won big.  And, still there are millions of people who are hurting in that parallel.

In this minority parallel, the reverse is happening: the majority are hurting and the minority are happy.

Seek First to Understand

One of my mottos is Seek First to Understand so that�s what this article is about with some resources for understanding and trying to find a way to cope in the place where we find ourselves.

First, is to understand that the Universe is so much larger and complex than our human minds can often comprehend.  I�m having trouble grasping it myself.  The message from Michael (copied below with permission) provides a great deal of information that can be used to help cope, to find some understanding about what happened and our role in that, and some ways that may help us to regain our center.

Forecast update 11/9/2016 from Michael (posted by Michael North)

So that is what a parallel split feels like when millions of people ask for it.

The energy you felt yesterday was real. It was your universe swerving. It made many of you sick, some still are.

There are many kind words and perspectives being sent out by Michael Channels and students.  We encourage you to read as many of them as you can. Each one has equal value and learning.

Which is where we are. In a place of learning brought on by choice.

Yes we had a HUGE parallel split off.  Yes, it was unexpected. Yes, the frequency of energy here is lower than it was.

Those of lower frequency wanted to come out of the shadows. They wanted a chance to be heard.  They did not want to be told what was good for them. Which is what they perceived was happening to them.

So, in a small number of parallels, they rebelled and elected their champion.  That is their right as it was yours when you were their soul age.

There is great fear around now. That is because it is here to be healed.

You cannot expect an entire party to just go away.  The US will have at least 2 parties forever long as it exists.  It may produce more and not soon. We have sunk lower into a polarity.

To refresh it.  To revive it.  To heal it.

There are many who have been screwed by the Young Soul model dying out.

They screamed for attention.  They decided neither party would listen.  And so a new parallel was split off to examine that.

It�s too soon to say what that means or what new outcomes seem likely.

We cannot say if he will be found guilty of this or that or if he can be re-elected.  It�s only been one day.

So we won�t try for a while.  This universe needs to stabilize and go through the cycles set up for the rest of the month.

The Supreme Court will get a conservative justice and may be two.  That we can see.

The new leader is a Young Soul King.  That comes with certain attributes.  It brings many challenges, many indeed.

There are many places to have him fail and he will touch some for certain, he is learning like you are and has much learning to do. Like you once did.

There is a recession coming and it may be worse than we said in our last forecast now.  It�s too soon to say how much worse.

There will be great retreats on some social issues.  Fortunately, the Senate can rebuke anything too onerous.  The Supreme Court will slow energy here for many, many years.

So this allows you to discuss and learn to not fear each other.  That is the learning we see.

The healing is helping those who demanded change to get help from friends and systems that can be brought out to actually help them.

That starts by listening to them.  Actually understand what it means to you to see your world evaporating forever.  That is what drove the creation of this parallel.

Life will not be extinguished.  Mistakes will be made.  Unpopular to you decisions will be implemented.

Most � if not all � of which will be reversed.  Eventually.

The world you expected will appear.  A woman will be President.  Liberal policies will become conservative ones in a few generations.  It�s just not what you expected as far as timing and process.

Leading is far harder than obstructing.  Speculation about what would work may prove to be elusive for the new leadership.

Time will tell.  That�s the POINT of the physical plane.

You can still love your family.  You can still embrace those you care about.  None of that is lost.

You may even find new friends.  You may listen with new ears and they may listen to you.

We suggest starting there.

It is listening that starts a new cycle of change.

Thank you for listening to this.

... Michael

What Can We Do?  How Can We Cope?

We encourage everyone to read our regular November 2016 article "Agree and Disagree in Peace"  � hurting or not � and consider what you can do to help find compassion for others and to try to understand their perspectives.  The reason we are here in this alternate parallel is to help heal those major divisions that created this parallel.  

If we can all do this, we can merge back into the majority parallel with a great sense of who we are as people, as a country and move forward together.  Deep division is not healthy.  Hatred and blame are not healthy.  That�s what drove the creation of this parallel universe.  We can heal that if we choose.  We have been through a lot together and we can do this, too.

Yes, it is asking a lot of us � all of us.  We are a greater country than our divisions.  We are a greater world than our divisions.  If there is anything that Hillary Clinton stands for, it is helping people and families in this country and around the world.  We have the inherent ability to love, forgive and to heal.  We have the resources we need to do that.  We just need the will to make an effort.  And, it is not an easy thing to say or to do.  I'm not there yet.  I have no doubt that I can do it  �  eventually. 

I know that it won�t happen tomorrow and it won�t happen before the end of the year.  How long it takes to heal this parallel is up to every one � me, you and everyone else.

Message of support from Jos� and Lena Stevens

  1. Never fear.  
  2. Never accept the appearance of things. 
  3. All this shall pass in this unstable universe of ours.
  4. Do not under any circumstances engage in fear.  Do what empowers you.
  5. Do not engage in martyrdom, resentment or hopelessness.  
  6. In every seeming impossible situation, there is always opportunity.  [full message below]

More Suggestions from Sandra Ingerman

Some suggestions from Sandra Ingerman in her message to the global community (full link below):

  1. Don�t send hate to others � PLEASE.  This only creates more hate and boomerangs back to us and those we love.
  2. Grieve, express and remember our outer world is truly not ruled by a few authority figures.  Our outer world will change in positive ways by the work each and every one of us stand up to do.
  3. I encourage you to do a news fast.  Be with yourself and others and process how you are feeling.  And make a plan to be the architect of your inner world and do the spiritual work you were called to Earth to do.
  4. I will write more as the days go by and this initiation continues to bring us to our knees.
  5. For now let your inner spirit hold you and carry you through.

ps:  We will continue to add to this as resources become available. 

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