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Color bullet Comments about our web site

Thanks again for making such a nice website; you're helping more people than you realize :)  ... M. R., Pacific Northwest 

Thank you for the articles and web site info.  I found the "Itstime" web site very useful, especially the "Seven Principles of Spirituality in the Workplace."  I find myself thinking about these principles throughout the day.  For example, an attorney came to me wanting to change the way people are scheduled for court.  While I felt the usual bureaucratic resistance to change, I remembered the creativity principle and let him commence a pilot project.  I also felt expansion rather than contraction.  ...  from a Power Path workshop participant who is also a public defender

I just had to express my heartfelt gratitude for your website and the contents of it.  I have just spent about 4 hours reading and taking notes on everything contained herein.  What an insight you have given to my life!  After all of the years of struggling, counseling, running and many other manifestations, you have put into perspective the whole mess!  I've studied lots of similar aspects of personality types and how a person relates to the world around them, but none so enlightening as this!  Thank you so much for sharing this.  Isn't it a great time to be alive? (in the age of the Internet).  ... BW, Florida

This is THE BEST site for this information I have found!  It is interesting, easy to read, informative and intelligently structured!  GREAT SITE!   ... N

What I like?  Easy: Your honesty and truthfulness on an undercurrent of caring that carries it all.  Balance is the keyword.  Thank you! ... G.J. 

The website and monthly newsletter are excellent.  Keep up the good work. ...  PA, Minnesota

Really love this site!  Very inspiring & eye opening. ... DZ, Texas

Website is easy to read, loaded with information and organized in a way that I can understand.  Nice graphics and typeset, which makes it easy to read.  Right mix of color.  Very informative site.  Thank you.  ... CP, Ontario, Canada

I am currently on an employee quality committee, and your website will definitely help out with our direction and focus. Again, thanks. ... DM, Arizona

I'm a Michael student strongly desiring to break through to a new plateau of understanding and joyful participation in commerce.  I found this link off Shepherd Hoodwin's site.  Thank You,  ... MH, New York

I'm a first year MBA student . . . It's been confusing to sort through the pseudo-jargons of the textbook and understand the points of the instructor. God helped me when I found your website. Your articles and work posted on the web has been inspirational and informative.  Just wanted to express my appreciation of your work.  ...JY, New Jersey

It's simply a goldmine .. I like the outlook, the web contents, the great resources and useful articles there in... I think I'm completely engrossed in finding consulting tips here ..  JD, Nigeria

I like the Personality Game, Code of Ethics, Links ... DML, California

Knowledge is power.  Thanks to your website, I feel better informed & more comfortable about pursuing a hostile workplace issue at my work. ... KJ

I very much like seeing the connection between the Michael Teachings and the workplace.   I find this site easy to use (print contrast, colors and layout).  Thank you for providing this site!!   ... MT, New York

Looks like you are applying the Michael Teachings in a business context . . . I'd like to know more about you and who you are. ...  LJ, New Mexico

Great website! . . . I've included a link in my web site, since I think my visitors will benefit greatly from your work.  ... SS, Indiana

The diversity is excellent. Suggestions: add information on morale boosters and incentive programs for manufacturing employees.  ... DN, New York

Very informative web site.  ... WS, Germany

I enjoyed wandering around your site . . . found the information meaningful  ... GB

I just stumbled onto your website, which I found interesting.  ... GM, London, England

Your web site is great!  ... BE, California

I have been deeply impressed with your web site. You've kept things simple, interesting and enjoyable. Thank you.  ... ST, London, England

It was a joy to read that you devoted an entire online newsletter to the subject of people, leaders and managers. Look at it another way: you can manage computers but you can't lead computers!  ... MS

Greetings from the cold country, the land of the midnight sun.  ... HKS, Norway

A lot of basic information.  ... HP, New Jersey

Just lovely!  ... KO, California

Great Personality Puzzle  ... BMB, California

Nice newsletter, good use of humor  ... BJ, Indiana

I love your web page!  ... OS, Pennsylvania

Nice, neat, easily accessible  ... DO, Massachusetts

It's wonderful!  ... CS, North Carolina

Great web site - very practical information for the workplace  ... CAC, Canada

I like your web site because it's straightforward and does not include a lot of graphics.  ... JS, California

It's very open, with plenty of connections to others.  Thank you.  ... AS, England

We are a new institute of management specialized in training students who have finished university, in practice .. would be interested in cooperative efforts.  ... BK, Greece

It's like power-packed information, relayed through a digitized concept.  It's good!  ... JF, Philippines

Suggestion for future topics: new trends and developments in practical management  ... RE, Philippines

Interested in sponsoring one of your workshops  ... SF, Texas

Suggestion for future topics: implementing BPR for government department  ...  IT, Brunei, Darussalam

I'm absolutely fascinated with your innovative activities and the Personality Game!  ... LS, Minnesota

I'm an international consultant .. I think that we might be able to cooperate.  ... DS, Costa Rica

I'm interested in spirituality in the workplace and the ability of executives to use it in their jobs and the jobs of those they manage.  ... DC, Ohio

Am interested in creativity in the workplace.  ... MH, Texas

Suggestion for future topics: case studies related to real management activities will be a big help.  ... SC, Korea

Your organization has one great reputation!  At least 10 people on the Internet have recommended I contact you for data on my Ph.D. topic "Executive leadership core competencies for managing change in rapid change high tech environments"  ... LL, Texas

I followed a link to your site.  I am so impressed!  You offer such a wealth of information! Thank you!  ... JH, California

I took the Personality Test - it was fun - quite accurate.  ... SM

I am seeking information on a comparison of management styles between French and US management teams.   ... CP, France

I'd love to see some international content, especially leaders in Asia and Africa.    ... NM, Tanzania, Africa

I just stumbled into it yesterday and your site made my day.  We are two at this moment that look like children that just saw a bucket of ice cream.  The ex-monk is good!  You are all marvelous.  For those of us who do not have books nor can afford them this site is like listening to mama. Thanks a lot.  ... NH, Lagos, Nigeria

The Article on Corporate politics was amazingly helpful, detailed, straight forward, practical and prescriptive.  Just what you need in a career coach. ... JA, New York, NY


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The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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