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Barbara Taylor

Barbara's latest book, Income Without a Job, co-authored with Michael Anthony, is now available.

color bulletBarbara Taylor is a Management Consultant with more than 25 years of experience.  Barbara TaylorShe is known for her creative and practical approaches to solving business problems.  Barbara has authored numerous published articles, corporate training programs and three books.  The Other Side of Midnight 2000: An Executive Guide (with co-author Martha Daniel), was published in 1998.  Her Concordance to the Michael Teachings is a favorite of Michael students.  

Barbara's latest book is Income Without a Job, co-authored with Michael Anthony.  

Lecture and workshop topics include: team-work, developing and maintaining entrepreneurial spirit in a corporate environment, improving communications and empowering employees for higher productivity.  Barbara has been interviewed extensively by the California news media on business topics as well as quoted in national publications.   

color bullet Professional Background

Barbara's professional experience includes:

Color bullet Management consultant, private companies and public organizations undergoing major changes
Color bullet Training & communications consultant, public organizations and private companies
Color bullet Project manager/management consultant, large scale IT projects, including Year 2000 Projects
Color bullet President/executive director and founder, Orange County Business Development Center
Color bullet Information services director, energy company
Color bullet Regional manager, national software company
Color bullet Associate director, administrative computer center, major university
Color bullet Board member, several non-profit community organizations

color bullet Related links

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Color bullet For other corporate training programs available, see Training.
Color bullet For examples of services offered see Consulting.
Color bullet Sample clients, see Clients.
Color bullet For examples of client comments, see Client comments.

color bullet Sample speaking topics:

color bullet Spirituality in the Workplace
color bullet Understanding Corporate Politics - and Using It Successfully
color bullet New Ways of Doing Business
color bullet Keeping the Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive in Corporations
color bullet How to Make Winning Presentations Every Time
color bullet Male/Female Communications - What's the Big Deal, Anyway?
color bullet Why Sexual Harassment is a "Hot" Topic
color bullet How to Deal with the Media in a Crisis
color bullet New Rules for Men and Women Working Together

color bullet Professional licenses

color bullet Certified Trainer, Power Path Seminars (The Personality Game)
color bullet Minister (Ordained 1994)
color bullet Licensed Religious Science Practitioner, Emeritus (1991 - present)

color bullet Education

color bullet MBA  (dual major in Business Administration and Information Systems)
color bullet BA  (Business Administration)
color bullet Certificates in Business Management and Human Resources Management

color bullet Strengths

color bullet Top 5 strengths: Maximizer, Arranger, Relator, Individualization, Empathy - using the Strengths Finder process (from the book Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton, a follow-up to First, Break All the Rules)
color bullet Barbara Taylor's Primary Color is Royal Straight ("Intuitive Interaction") with the Career Cluster as Yellow ("Adaptability").  (from Rick Smith's Primary Color Assessment)
color bullet  In our Personality Game, Barbara's role is Priest with Artisan and Scholar influences - more details.  

color bullet Professional and Community Involvement

color bullet Homeowners association (board member)
color bullet Mothers Against Drunk Driving (Orange County, CA and Washington State
color bullet Professional Writers of Orange County (co-founder, board member and former President)
color bullet Women in Business, Orange County chapter (former board member)
color bullet Consultant to several non-profit organizations

Client Comments

  • "There is a new normal in the air at work this week!  During my individual meetings with employees and at our weekly staff meeting, people are more open with one another since your team-building training here on Friday.  Everyone tells me how positive it was and that they are looking forward to seeing how communication will improve even more in the workplace.  ... Walking down the halls, in the offices, lunchroom and conference area, hearing the terms "Warrior, Artisan, King, Idealist, Scholar" and so forth is common.  The staff members are relating what they learned to their daily experiences.  ... Your style we found to be exceptional in that you created an atmosphere that was nurturing, safe, open and also fun.  This really made the day enjoyable and successful.  ... "
  • "Barbara is gifted at anticipating problems and identifying solutions.  She is a superb communicator and understands people issues.  She is politically astute and has impeccable integrity."
  • "Over the next 5 years, the City expects to realize over $150 million in savings.  Barbara's many contributions were a key element to this effort."
  • "I am impressed with Barbara's skills in organization, budget management, business and strategic planning, accounting, finance, and computer information services. Loyal and honest . . . particularly adept at developing and maintaining excellent client relations.  She can be counted on to deliver - regardless of the situation encountered."
  • "Ms. Taylor displays extremely high levels of competence and professionalism . . . I'm impressed!"

book graphic  BooksFront Cover - Income Without a Job (thumbnail)   -  Disclosure: We get a small commission for purchases made via links to Amazon.

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Page updated: October 16, 2023  

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The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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