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Ancient England

Picture of Stonehenge--Stunning!

April 20-28, 1996

color bullet Stone Circles, Sacred Sites and Power Spots

Color bullet Bath: The Roman Baths. Focus on Feminine energy, Creativity (2nd chakra), Very powerful Goddess energy.
Color bullet Bath Abbey: the 3rd great church on this site (the 1st was a Saxon Abbey in 781, the 2nd a Norman Cathedral in 1107).
Color bullet The Maze at Lockleat: Sacred site for balancing energy. One of the world's largest mazes.
Color bullet Glastonbury: Tor Hill. Focus on: Compassion and Forgiveness, Feminine Energy, Creativity, and Magic. Qualities of Priest and Spiritualist.
Color bullet Glastonbury: The George and Pilgrims Hotel, built in the 1400's; frequent site of political gatherings and intrigue. The ghosts are friendly!
Color bullet Glastonbury: The Chalice Well. Sacred site of the Druids, provides healing spring water, flowing to King Arthur's Court and the Glastonbury Abbey.
Color bullet Glastonbury: ruins of Glastonbury Abbey. Focus on the Priest and Spiritualist. Tomb of King Arthur and Lady Gweneviere (very high energy spot).
Color bullet Glastonbury Area: King Arthur and Avalon. The Legend of King Arthur contains Seven Archetypes within The Hero's Journey: (1) the Great Goddess; (2) Courtly Love and Chivalry; (3) the 12 Great Battles; (4) the "Other" World helpers; (5) Tales, Stories and Myths; (6) the Search for the Holy Grail; and (7) Sovereignty and Unity. The legends are a combination of Paganism and Christianity. Originally based on real events, the legends eventually grew to include the great deeds of many other people and events.
Blue Knight (moving) Red Knight (moving)
Color bullet Stonehenge. Stonehenge is an energy portal; part of a massive energy grid connecting the major power spots of the earth. Very strong masculine focus on intent and accomplishment. The local Druids are making a major effort to open this area for use by respectful groups.
Color bullet City of Salisbury: Focus on Masculine energy: commerce, politics, etc.
Color bullet Salisbury Cathedral: One of the finest cathedrals in the world.
Color bullet Old Sarum: Site of the original ancient fortress town. Setting for the massive historical novel Sarum by Edward Rutherfurd.
Color bullet Woodhenge: Site of the Seven Circles, each devoted to understanding one of the Seven Roles.
Color bullet Avebury: Massive stone library, containing energetic records of many aspects of life on this planet.
Color bullet London: Westminster Abbey. Major power spot at the alter. Paintings on the walls of the Chapter House show the Seven Dragons.
Color bullet London: Tower of London. Home of the Crown Jewels and prison of many famous (and infamous) folks.
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The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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