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spike bullet July, 1996 - Good Corporate Citizens, Time Management

Good Corporate Citizens - 1996 Awards for Corporate Conscience
Managing Your Time - Tips for Effective Time Management

spike bullet Awards for Corporate Conscience

The Council for Economics Priorities (a public-interest group) announced awards to 10 companies as demonstrating exemplary corporate conscience. Companies cited received awards for "going beyond the call of duty with programs that help the environment and society." Winners were chosen by a panel from business, academia and public-interest sectors.

The motto of the Council is "Shopping for a Better World."

Color bullet Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA:

Award for giving laid-off workers 90 days to find a new job, with their only duties finding a new job. If the employee does not find new job, a generous severance package is paid.

Color bullet Pfizer Inc., New York, NY:

Award for giving nearly 1 million prescriptions to more than 355,000 poor, uninsured patients around the company.

Color bullet Starbucks Coffee Company, Seattle, WA:

Award for asking all its bean supplies to pay decent wages and benefits to employees, and to provide safe workplace conditions. Only children that continue their education are permitted to work.

Color bullet Charles Veillon SA, Switzerland:

Award for a comprehensive code of conduct that specifically avoids buying any clothing and home furnishings made by forced child labor. (Veillon is a mail-order company).

Color bullet Otto Versand, Germany:

Award for educating customers by stressing environmental benefits in its catalogs, including labeling textiles and other goods made without dangerous materials such as formaldehyde and heavy metals. (Versand is a catalog company).

Color bullet Working Assets Funding Service:

Award for spreading messages of social consciousness through its phone and credit-card business.

Color bullet Fannie Mae:

Award for encouraging minorities and women to participate in marketing it securities.

Color bullet Enron Corporation:

Award for building a solar-energy plant in Hawaii.

Color bullet Natural Cotton Colours Inc.:

Award for growing organic, unbleached cotton.

Color bullet Fuji Xerox (joint venture of Fuji Photo Film and Xerox):

Award for giving generous benefits that urge workers to help the community.

      Congratulations on your efforts to make this a better world!        

[Source: The Associated Press, reported June 1, 1996 for awards announced May 31, 1996]

spike bullet Managing Your Time

The following tips are provided by Trevor Boutall, from his book The Good Manager's Guide (MCI, 1994):

Color bullet Be clear about your objectives

Be clear about what you have to achieve, by when and what the priorities are.

Color bullet Identify what needs to be done to achieve these objectives

Identify what you, and others, need to do to achieve your objectives and estimate how long each activity will take.

Color bullet Plan your time

Plan these activities into your time on an annual, monthly, weekly and daily basis to ensure objectives are achieved on time; include time for evaluation.

Color bullet Delegate

Review your activities and, where possible, delegate those activities which could be done equally well by one of your staff, with training and guidance where appropriate.

Color bullet Handle paper once only

When dealing with paper, decide immediately to respond, refer, file or destroy.

Color bullet Make decisions

When faced with a choice, either make your choice or decide what further information you need to be able to make an informed choice.

Color bullet Control interruptions

Make it clear when you welcome consultation with others, and when you require uninterrupted time to complete an activity.

Color bullet Control digressions

Keep your objectives in mind and do not indulge in, or allow others to indulge in, digressions.

Color bullet Allow for contingencies

Allow time in your planning for additional activities or for activities to overrun.

Color bullet Review your activities

Review your progress towards your objectives on a regular basis and reschedule activities as necessary.

"Managing Your Time" � Trevor Boutall, 1994 To contact the author, send e-mail to boutall [at] Trevor Boutall is a Management Standards Consultant, working as an independent and for the Management Charter Initiative in London.

Thanks, Trevor for providing your tips for time management!

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