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spike bullet May 1998 - Expanding Your Personal Power

Power is energy
The Basic Rules of Power
The Seven Paths to Power
How to become more powerful

Power is Energy

Our newsletter topic of October 1997 talked about corporate power and politics. This issue looks at how to use and access a more personal, individual power.

"Power" is simply energy, expressed in different forms.

The sun and moon provide power for the earth and for all the planets of our solar system. The power of the sun and the earth are one source of power for all of us if we know how to use them. For example, being near and huge waterfall, near the ocean or on top of a great mountain allows many people to draw individual energy from natural reserves of energy.

Great mystics and teachers provided power for people who wanted to learn from them. Followers, students and disciples draw individual energy from those great teachers who seem to have larger reserves of energy.

The Basic Rules of Power

1. Everything in the Universe manifests and expresses varying amounts of power (or energy) that are growing or shrinking at all times. Bigger, more powerful objects give power to less powerful objects.

2. A human being's power generates from three sources:
a) The power of love provided by their parents
b) Power generated by healthy living, good food, diet, exercise and positive mental attitude
c) Power accrued through the practice of certain techniques.

3. There are seven paths to power (described more fully later).

4. People can gain more power by passing a test (or through initiation rites).

5. Increased power always comes with a price to pay.

6. Power can be like riding a wave, where balance is the key to keeping the power without getting crushed by it.

7. Power follows your intention.

For this newsletter, we are focusing primarily on the Seven Paths to Power.

Source: The information on Power was adapted from the Spring 1998 newsletter "Understanding Power" from Pivotal Resources, used with permission. The complete newsletter is available by contacting Pivotal Resources.

The Seven Paths to Power

Each person will have one natural path that is powerful for them, according to their personality role. The seven paths to power represent ways to combat the personality dragons, which rob people of power. Everyone can use all seven paths. Becoming aware of the different types of power help people focus on the positive aspects of their personality, rather than allowing the dragons to rob them of power.

1. Adequacy. You feel powerful according to your own self-worth. People who feel powerful are usually perceived by others to be powerful. Therefore, power is an outward manifestation of internal beliefs and self-image. Confident people are seen to be more powerful that insecure people. Rich people are seen to be more powerful than powerful people. Something to consider: Is being rich what gives people more confidence or do they become rich because they are more confident?

Self-empowerment is the ability to organize yourself, others and the environment, resulting in leadership, the ability to be responsible, to stand up for a cause and be ethical.

The personality role of Server is best at using the power of adequacy. The personality dragon of Self-Deprecation weakens adequacy.

2. Detachment. To become more powerful, you must learn when and how to let go and more on. If you are bitter about the past, worried about old injuries, then the past is robbing your future of your potential power. If you cannot let go of old issues, you become enslaved to them. Letting go is a sign of power - the power to move forward.

The personality role of Artisan is best at using the power of detachment. The personality dragon of Self-Destruction weakens detachment.

3. Strength. Strength is the power to survive under difficult situations. This includes the strength of body, strength of character and strength of convictions. When you are strong, you rely on your power to produce, to perform and to achieve.

The personality role of Warrior is best at using the power of strength. The personality dragon of Martyrdom weakens strength.

4. Diplomacy. Diplomacy is the power of strategy, verbal skills and language skills. It is also the ability to be patient and gentle in the face of conflict by working with and cooperating with others. People who are diplomatic and realistic about the situation and have the ability to understand others' points of view.

The personality role of King/Queen is best at using the power of diplomacy. The personality dragon of Impatience weakens diplomacy.

5. Moderation. Moderation is power gained through satisfaction, fulfillment and the middle road, the power to know when enough is enough. Fanatics have less power because they don't practice moderation.

The personality role of Sage is best at using the power of moderation. The personality dragon of Greed weakens moderation.

6. Serenity. Serenity is the power to be peaceful and silent, to come from a place where there is no conflict. It is a place of knowing that is everything is perfect just as it is.

The personality role of Priest/Priestess is best at using the power of serenity. The personality dragon of Arrogance weakens serenity.

7. Flexibility. Flexibility if the power that anything can change, and accepting that constant change is natural and normal. When you are truly flexible, you can accept any event or surprise that life gives you. Flexibility allows people to adapt, shift and move easily.

The personality role of Scholar is best at using the power of flexibility. The personality dragon of Stubbornness weakens flexibility.

The natural, innate power of the Personality Roles

Artisans have the power to create

Sages have the power to communicate

Warriors have the power to organize and protect

Kings/Queens have the power to lead

Servers have the power to nurture

Priests/Priestesses have the power to inspire

Scholars have the power to know.

How to Become More Powerful

Remember the basic laws of power. Power can be gained through natural means (from the sun, earth, moon, prayer, etc.) or by associating with people more powerful than you are. The power of nature is almost infinite, so anyone can have more power without taking it or trying to steal it from anyone else.

Becoming more powerful also implies a willingness to be generous with your own power. For example, share your knowledge power with others through mentoring someone younger, share your prosperity power by donating money/services to charity, share your positive attitude by raising healthy well-balanced children, share your love with friends and family, etc.

  1. Learn to self-empower yourself by feeling confident without arrogance.
  2. Let go of any past injuries and ideas that make you feel less powerful. Be willing to more forward to a more powerful self.
  3. Use your ability and natural talents to achieve in your chosen field, to organize your work or your life, and use your talents in the most productive ways. Keep your body and mind healthy through balanced diet, rest and appropriate exercise.
  4. Learn to be patient, kind to others, realistic and tolerant of the views of others.
  5. Learn to appreciate what you already have even as you strive to be a better person.
  6. Develop an inner peace that helps you stay on course.
  7. Learn to be flexible and adapt to changing situations.

If you decide that you want more power, ask for it in small increments. You will find that almost immediately when you reach for more power, something will happen to test your ability to handle that increased power. If you handle it appropriately, you will find yourself on a new plateau. If you handle it inappropriately, you will fall on your face and have to climb up from failure before you can reach the next level of power.

Most people who make a flashy announcement of increased power are usually not ready for it (something those around them easily see). Those who quietly rise in power understand the rules and are less likely to misuse it.

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The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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