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Michael Transcript ~ November  28, 1984


This is a short excerpt from a Michael Teachings study group session taught by JP Van Hulle on the topic "Death and Dying Can Be Fun." 

To begin with, the concept of death is a relatively new invention.  

Death was an idea that came into being around the invention of this universe and had been billed before that as a way to achieve contact with the idea that lessons were temporary but that life in itself continues to grow and move Before that there was only continual growth and movement and no measuring stick against which to see exactly how you were growing and exactly where you were in the scheme of things that is quite as convenient as dying.  Aging and dying was a relatively brilliant artistic nature and ever since, it has been brought into the foreplay, it has made the game very much more complicated and intriguing.  The very fact that people agree when they come to a planet, any planet, but we’ll use Earth as an example — as a sentient being and even animals that are non-sentient beings — you realize that they die also, but let’s stick with sentient beings for the moment.  When they agree to come, the very fact that they agree to forget what it is that they know in the total consciousness of the universe so as to experience lessons from a totally new place — as if everything is totally new — is a good step towards new growth


So, literally, what the worry is about death and about the process of dying is that you are either: 
  1. Not going to continue on the other side, that looks to be the surface of what it is that you are afraid of, 
  2. You’re not going to like what happens if you do exist on the other side of it, or 
  3. And this is the worst of all — what happens on the other side is that you will be out of control of and you have no idea what is going to happen (whether it’s good or bad).  

Now if you knew right off and were absolutely certain that when you died, there would be nothing on the other side of it, people think that’s what their greatest fear is.  If you were dead and it ended, you would not be afraid of that.


On the other side of the dying experience, what’s going to happen?  Is it going to go utterly unnoticed that you are suddenly blooming into another plane.  Here on the Physical plane, where people are blindered about any of the other planes and have less ability to be aware, simply because of the limited slow energy, less amount of physical-ness of the entire set of planes, that physical slowness, that inability to really see in all directions and notice everything that’s happening all at the same time is more here than any other plane and you can see that your energy is slower than anywhere else.  

Just by the fact that you resonate at such a slow energy, that you’re solid.  Having solidity, you resonate fairly slow.  Someone that is at a high enough frequency — that they are no longer solid — resonates at a higher frequency than you do and, therefore, has more of a command of noticing what happens in many directions at once — just having a higher speed.

No one is born here without someone noticing it.  Someone notices it every time someone comes to the Physical plane.  Even if it is only the mother, there is someone that notices it.  So it doesn’t escape notice, even here where people are relatively blind and don’t notice a whole lot.  There are sunsets every day to look at and very few people bother to lift their eyes up that high and look at them . . . and they’re fairly astronomical, they’re pretty interesting phenomena and they are different all the time. 

So, the fact that people notice when you come here, will let you know in a hypothetical way of course, that it’s very unlikely — and we’ll just tell you at the moment that this is true and you take that for what it’s worth — very, very unlikely — that you are going to go on to the next plane when you die here and nobody’s going to notice.  It is going to be noticed.  There are going to be people there with bells on . . . watching you bloom into the next plane and seeing how it is that you react.

An interesting fact about dying is that when you have completed dying here, what you do is go to the first level of the Astral plane, the lower Astral plane, and at the lower Astral plane.  There is a fantasy-making capability that people have.  People that visit this in the midst of lifetimes, let’s say, between the time they go to sleep at night and the time that they wake up in the morning, notice that if they feel like they’ve been out of their body and having an experience somewhere else, and have actually gone and visited someone or something like that, they have noticed that they can manifest whatever it is that they think would be interesting in the background. 

If they want to look like a princess in their dream, they look like a princess.  If they want castles and dragons around, there are castles and dragons around.  Priests and Artisans are particularly good at this and they invent all kinds of marvelous things and adventures around them to play with.  This is true for all roles. 


Full transcript (10 pages) downloadable PDF format.  Many thanks to JP Van Hulle and Michael for this great information!!

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