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Modjeska Canyon Returns

The Santiago fire (October 2007), lasted 2˝ weeks, destroyed 15 homes in Modjeska Canyon and damaged many others.

The canyons of the Santa Ana Mountains are filled with people who love each other and love living in a place where nature is deeply respected.  That place can also be risky during fire season and mudslide season. 

During the recent fires, 4,100 people and 2,800 homes were evacuated.  Almost 2,000 firefighters were involved at the height of the fire fighting effort, at a cost of almost $20 million.  Many firefighters and others who stepped forward risked their lives to help protect residents and save as much as they could.  More than 28,400 acres burned, some of it old growth forest that has not burned for 100-200 years. Some of the forest is still burning.  

15 homes were destroyed in Modjeska Canyon, and a number of other homes and out-buildings were damaged, estimated at $10 million.  Fortunately, no lives were lost and only minor injuries occurred.  

Now that the fires are contained (though not yet fully controlled), it's time for rebuilding and raising money to help those who need help.  The canyon residents know that their lives depend on their neighbors and the volunteers of the Modjeska Canyon fire department, and are willing to help each other whenever necessary.  This is a place where True Community is a daily way of life.  

  If you would like to help, there are many ways to do so:

(*) The Santiago Fire Recovery Effort is part of the Inter-Canyon League, a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the canyon’s unique way of life.  The ICL was created after the 1969 disaster, when a mudslide killed 11 people sheltered at the Silverado volunteer fire station after 18 inches of rain in 72 hours flooded the canyon.  Because the ICL is a 501(c)3 organization, all contributions are tax deductible.

Related information:

Photos from the Orange County Register:

Modjeska Canyon home  of David Edgar, a U.S. Forest Safety officer, was saved for the 2nd time by following good fire prevention techniques (Oct 2007).  The burned area used to be vibrant natural terrain.
Modjeska Canyon CA home that did not burn (Oct 2007) - OC Register

The home of Jim and Diane Carter did not fare as well.  Here's a "before" picture:

... and after the fires - completely burned down - in spite of following good fire prevention techniques:  
  Jim Carter at his burned home in Modjeska Canyon CA (Nov 2007)


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Page updated: June 05, 2009

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