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spike bullet Terri Benning: Post Election 2016 Comments

Hello to all,

Michael here.

We would choose to comment at this time on some of the larger contexts within which your presidential election of 2016 is playing itself out at this time.  We offer these causal plane perspectives as a means of shedding some additional light onto the areas through which many of our students are now navigating rapidly changing and for some, alternately charged, waters.  We will not give a long drawn out commentary on such energies at this time, however, we feel there are several key concepts that may prove useful to you in the weeks and months ahead, as you prepare to inaugurate a new president for your United States of America.  Each of our channels has brought forth slices of the perceptual pie, so to speak, each in accordance with their own particular set of overleaves, role and soul age perspective.  And each of our students will navigate these challenging times according to their own unique perspective, overleaves, role and soul age perceptions as well.

There are, however, certain "trends," we shall term them, that may prove helpful in discerning and embracing one anotherís perspectives more fully, allowing for greater agape to manifest through the student from the level of essence and not only through the eyes of the personality per se, whether true or false, alone.  Essence always seeks greater access to the life in all of our students, thus, information that serves this purpose and allows essence this greater access is always useful to introduce to our students from our own causal plane perspective.

We offer these perspectives without expectation and with unconditional love and thus you are each invited to evaluate the given information with a discerning eye and are always free to keep what rings true for you and to discard the rest, as you deem useful to you personally.  As we are fond of saying and often, "Belief is not required; an open mind is certainly useful to the search."

There are three primary points we would wish to offer you today.

These are the following:


The most easily observable differences in how each fragment responds to the current events will often be seen to manifest through their SIDE (of entity) influence, primarily, whether from the TRUTH, LOVE or ENERGY sides of their entity group.  We think if you will take a few moments [to] pause and reflect prior to - reaction / + response towards one anotherís "takes" on the whole situation, you will find that most fragmentís responses are coming from one of these three primary perspectives.

Some will be acutely aware of the TRUTH of the situation, some will respond from the LOVE side perspective, with empathy and compassion towards those who are "suffering" most in the face of these new situations and some will respond strongest to the ENERGY side and will want to do something tangible, to stand up and actually DO something that has meaning for them in some way.

Just becoming aware of these three primary influences/perspectives will go a long way toward fostering your understanding of difference fragmentís initial - reactions/ + responses to the energies stimulated by and through these current events.  None of these perspectives are any better or worse than any other, they are simply what comes most naturally to each fragment in the face of what may be perceived as adversity in some way.


The United States of America is an "experiment" in Freedom.  Thus, this theme will be explored by those who choose to incarnate or who choose to live as a citizen of this country.  Fragments drawn to living in the USA are interested in learning more about the theme of Freedom in both their own personal lives and their broader community contexts.  This "experiment" includes exploration of all angles surrounding the theme of FREEDOM, including the oppression of such as part and parcel of the entirety of the learning experience.  All aspects surrounding the theme of FREEDOM will be thoroughly investigated and explored over time as this country grows into itís full bloom and maturity.

We would remind you that the USA is still quite young, as countries go and is still navigating the early stages of its development as a nation.  It is not necessarily fully manifesting the *world* mean soul age average perspective of 7th young moving into 1st mature, that is to say.  Many baby and young soul lessons are still being brought to bear upon the nationís peoples.  This is one layer of it, yes, but it is not the only layer.  We will not go into the layers at this time, as we do not wish to confuse the subject matter further at this time.

We also do not wish to muddy the primary message here, either, which is that of *FREEDOM* being the predominant theme being explored through its conception of the USA and all the lessons pertaining to it will be fully explored by itís citizenry from many differing perspectives.

3. A Spike Year ~ The Presidential Election of 2016

The presidential election of 2016 marks what we term in our teachings a *SPIKE* year, resonating to the presidential election of 1816.  Spike years can be both ordinal and/or cardinal or exalted and this yearís election would be considered an exalted aspect or manifestation of this concept.  Spike years occur at approximately 200 year intervals and are often a continuation or an evolution, on a particular theme or set of circumstances that one or more fragments are cultivating over the course of multiple incarnations.

Ordinal Spike Years: (example)

An example of an ordinal "spike year" might be that an author or an artist who creates their "master work" for *that* particular lifetime, but that work is not found or published for another 200 years.  The work then shows up in a collectorís library, say and is suddenly recognized for itís true worth or value 200 years later.  It becomes clearly SEEN and recognized for itís merit or lack thereof, some 200 years later.  This is just one example of how a "spike" year might show up on an ordinal or on a "fragmentary" basis.

Exalted Spike Years: (example)

An exalted or collective "spike year" dynamic might entail a situation wherein a whole working group is moving toward the accomplishment of a particular task, say, and the foundation for the eventual achievement of that task is laid down in one incarnation and is then expanded upon in subsequent incarnations, becoming particularly "active, energized and clearly visible" during "spike year" scenarios.

Such an exalted configuration might take several 200 year intervals to bring to completion in its totality.  The "spike years" will often be clearly visible and pivotally important to the successful completion of the task over the long haul, say.

The 2016 Presidential election is one such example of this kind of exalted 200 year cycle, the last of which was initiated through the 1816 Presidential election process.

If you would choose to explore this perspective in more depth and breadth, we would suggest that you research some of the historical records available to you through online reference resources pertaining to the Presidential Election of 1816 and you will see that there are a number of parallels to your current election process and "spike year" dynamics at play in this yearís scenario.  These "spike year" resonances serve to punctuate the progress made or gained across time and also to bring into conscious awareness that which the theme has being explored has learned to date, as well as what may still need to be tweeked, reset, re-evaluated, etc.

These "spike years," whether on an ordinal (or personal) basis or an exalted (or collective) basis, can also serve as pivotal points of deep change for those navigating them, consciously or unconsciously, both individually and collectively.  They are often accompanied by a kinetically felt and responded to surge of energy that can be utilized by the fragments concerned to make dramatic shifts their own personal lives or in the lives of many who are connected with these powerful pivotal moments in history.

We would invite our students to further exploration of this idea of "spike years" and to do some research into the Presidential Election of 1816 and observe some of the resonate themes and patterns you may find therein and to discuss these finds with one another in order to more fully flesh out more of the hidden nuances of connective tissue that exists between the two time frames.  We think you will enjoy ferreting out some of the subtler energy patterns, connections and resonances you find there and you will gain much new insight into present presidential election contexts.

We will close our comment here for now, and will offer more information along these lines as questions arise through your investigative inquiry into this subject matter.

Whether you respond from the TRUTH perspective or the LOVE perspective or the ENERGY perspective, each has itís own intrinsic value and validity from our point of view.  And once again, we would wish to remind our students that true personality *always* comes from the love of essence, while false personality *always* comes from the underlying fears of the Chief Negative Features.  And the choice is always in your hands, in each now moment.

We would complete our comments for tonight then here.  That is all.

Good evening,


(as channeled through Terri C. Benning on November 12, 2016)

[ Linked to the article "Post Election November 2016: Waking Up in the Wrong Parallel" ]

About our resource links:  We do not endorse or agree with all the beliefs in these links.   We do keep an open mind about different viewpoints and respect the ability of our readers to decide for themselves what is useful.

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