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Books about the Michael Teachings
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The Michael Teachings (Foundation of The Personality Game)      -  Disclosure: We get a small commission for purchases made via links to Amazon.      

Fiction Books

  • Clash of Souls, W. Lawton Brown. NEO Books, 2005  More about the book at  Amazon: ISBN: 0976958805.  [A new adventure novel that pits the forces of good against forces of evil as the hero tries to deliver a message of hope to mankind.  Like the Celestine Prophesy and The DaVinci Code, this book provides answers to questions long kept secret.  The author is a dear friend who incorporates parts of the Michael Teachings to explain how the world works.  We enjoyed his new book immensely].
  • The Second Coming.   John Dalmas.  Baen Publishing Enterprises; Distributed by Simon & Schuster, April 2004. (excerpt-1, excerpt-2) ISBN: 0-7434-8816-4
  • Excerpts from Signature of God, John Dalmas' 2nd book  based on the Michael Teachings (as yet unpublished). 

How to Locate or Order Books

  1. Use the links to order from
  2. Check major bookstores and other book sellers (Barnes & Noble, BookStar, Crown).  Some of the online book sellers sell used books or you can place a request for a particular book.
  3. Contact the authors.
  4. Check local metaphysical bookstores.
  5. Check your local public library.  Many of these books are available for loan.
  6. If you still can't find what you want, check with Joy Perasso at Guided Crystal Books, Orinda, CA phone (925) 254-9162 (e-mail: book [at]
  7. Check with Chaucer's Books, 3321 State St., Santa Barbara, CA 93105, phone (805) 682-6787.  Chaucer's has an extensive collection of hard-to-find books, they take telephone credit card orders and will ship books to you.

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Page updated: October 16, 2023

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The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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