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World Peace Day - September 11

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To copy this message into your e-mail program, click this link to open the message in a separate window.  

Then press Ctrl + A (to select the entire page), then Ctrl + C (to copy to the clipboard), then in your e-mail program press Ctrl + V (to paste the message).

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Message #3:

Subject: World Peace Day - September 11:

Please send letters to every e-mail address on this list.  I've separated the e-mail addresses into blocks so you can send letters to them at separate times, if you have to, and not overload your server.  Just copy and paste each block of addresses into the "To:" line of your letter.  Then copy and paste either the short form letter or the "Make September 11 World Peace Day" letter which is available at   

Please make sure to replace my name and address with yours at the bottom of the letter.


president [at], vice.president [at], first.lady [at], mrs.cheney [at] 


California Governor Davis

governor [at]  

Washington state Governor Locke: 

New York Governor Pataki: 

New York Mayer Michael Bloomberg: 

Click on this link, and enter your personal info and copy and paste the following letter below, which has been edited to the 150-word maximum allowed on this site) 

Short form message: Select text below with your mouse, press Ctrl+C to copy, then Ctrl+V to paste into an e-mail or online form:


How can we honor those who lost their lives on 9/11?

* President Bush proclaims 9/11 "World Peace Day" 
* The American Bar Association suspends all civil litigation on 9/11
* The world agrees to a 24-hour truce in all military conflicts on 9/11

The highest honor we can give to those who lost their lives is to declare 9/11 World Peace Day.  Let's turn this day around and give people a reason to look forward rather than backward and to be inspired by peace. 

Let's revive the incredible unity we felt after 9/11.  Let's send the message that our loved ones did not give their lives in vain.  Let's create a miracle.  Let's unite again and invite the world to join us in a celebration of peace that will elevate the entire human race. 

World Peace Day will give our country and the world something else to think about on 9/11. 



Here are addresses for the Senators and Congresspersons in New York, Washington, and California, who have their e-mail addresses published:

New York: (Probably the most important!)

senator [at],  senator [at],  senator [at],  >write2joecrowley [at],  vito.fossella [at],  dearsue [at], peter.king [at],  rep.carolyn.maloney [at],  mike.mcnulty [at],  jerrold.nadler [at],  major.owens [at],  rangel [at], Rep.Reynolds [at],  jserrano [at],  >louiseny [at],  rep.james.walsh [at]  

Washington state:

>maria [at],  Senator_Murray [at],  brian.baird [at], dunnwa08 [at],  Jay.Inslee [at],  adam.smith [at]  


senator [at],  senator [at],  Howard.Berman [at],  christopher.cox [at],  doolittle [at],  annagram [at], samfarr [at],  TalkToBobFilner [at],  jane.harman [at], [at],  stephen.horn [at],  congressman.issa [at], barbara.lee [at],  tellbuck [at],  Millender.McDonald [at],  George.Miller [at],  grace [at],  doug.ose [at],  sf.nancy [at], rpombo [at],  dana [at],  loretta [at],  Brad.Sherman [at]


letters [at],  oped [at],  begwer [at],  meredith [at],  letters [at],    opinion [at],  breakingnews [at],  features [at], editpage [at],  postmaster [at],  letters [at],  yelmnews [at],  ombudsman [at],  politics [at],  letters [at]  Friends [at],  FNS [at],  Newswatch [at],  Foxreport [at],  Foxwire [at],  Hannity [at],  Colmes [at],  Regan [at], Ontherecord [at],  Special [at],  >Myword [at],  Oreilly [at],  Cavuto [at],  comments [at],  Foxmagazine [at] letters [at],  World [at],  Living [at],  Today [at],  Nightly [at],  Dateline [at],  MTP [at],  Headliners [at],  Imus [at], AbramsReport [at], TheNews [at],  weekendtoday [at] EarlyShow [at],  48hours [at],  60II [at], ,  sundays [at],  ftn [at],  evening [at],  uttm [at],  audsvcs [at] community [at],  netaudr [at],  thepowerhour [at] 

Send letters to these 3 Newsweek addresses separately:

Letters [at],  Editors [at],  WebEditors [at]

Chicago Tribune: 

(Use these links and copy-and-paste either the short or long form of the new "Make September 11 World Peace Day" letter)

Letter to the Editor

Opinion Page


American Bar Association:

abanews [at],  intlliaison [at],  abacwp [at],  younglawyers [at],  policyadmin [at],  nabe [at],  bhenderson2 [at] 

New York Bar Association:

legislation [at],  journal [at], media [at],  sbn [at],  foundation [at],  neslonx2 [at],  ddetjen [at],  oarmas [at],  sprystowsky [at],jamesrizzo9 [at],  pedelman [at] 

Washington State Bar Association:

lisak [at],  dcarlisle [at],  jmb [at],  rboggs [at],  carl [at],  kdavidson [at],  bryced [at],  durkan [at], stephen [at],  zulema.hinojos [at],  whyslop [at],  lucyi [at],  jostlund [at],  savage2 [at],  vvreeland [at],  janm [at], wwl [at]

Link to find your state bar association: 


  • sw [at]


  • info [at]

Send the short-form letter above to Oprah Winfrey at these links:

***Please print out the "Make September 11 World Peace Day!" letter and FAX Andrew Card, White House Chief of Staff, at: 202/456-1907

If anyone can find a contact phone number, address, or e-mail address for White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, please send it to me.  

Through all my research, I've not been able to find any contact info for him.

Lori Stefano
Yelm, WA 98597
e-mail: ladylorelei [at] 


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