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The Institute for Management Excellence

The Institute for Management Excellence offers practical tools for business and corporate clients.  We combine creativity with proven approaches to solve complex business challenges.

Our Motto: "It's Time . . . for new ways of thinking and new ways of doing business"

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Color bulletManagement Consulting and Communications Services:

Color bullet  Consulting - General Management and Organizational Consulting
Color bullet  The Personality Game - A Practical Personality System that's fun to use
Color bullet  Internet Web Design Services - Services and Sample Web Page Designs
Color bullet  Monthly Online Newsletter- Useful tips on current management topics
Color bullet  Training - Training Programs
Color bullet  Speaker's Bureau - Speaker Information
Color bullet  Writing Services - Ghost Writing and Business Writing

color bulletExcellence in Action:

Color bullet Monthly Online Newsletter- Useful tips . . . current business topics.
Color bullet  Do you have a story to contribute or something unique you've tried?  We're seeking stories of Management Excellence in Action. Information on how to share your wisdom with others.
Color bullet Survey - Help us plan future newsletter topics.

news bulletArticles and Press Coverage

Color bullet August 16, 2007:  South Sound fans hold a tender place in their hearts for Elvis, The Olympian
Color bullet May 11, 1999: CNN Financial News interviewed us on the topic of healthy workplaces, "Wellness Programs Evolve"
Color bullet September 13, 1998: Orange County Register, Commentary Section, published our comments in the topic, "Readers React: Should he stay or go?" ... on respect, fairness and justice ...
Additional comments from a 15-year-old.  [Note: We are not offering links to the full report or the details of the report because it could violate our
ICRA website rating.]
Color bullet May, 1998 - Innovative Leader newsletter ("to stimulate creativity and productivity"), article "Coping with Change: Different Personality Styles." For information on the newsletter,
Color bullet June 1997 - Business Power, published our article "The 7 Principles of Spirituality in the Workplace"
Color bullet January 1997 - edgelink [at] The Edge (a newspaper focusing on spirituality and alternative ways of doing business in the Kansas City and Twin Cities areas), article "Spirituality in the Workplace."
Color bullet November 3, 1996 - the Orange County Register's Connect section featured our web site as the "Home Page" of the week

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More about:

color bullet Barbara Taylor - Executive Director
color bullet Michael Anthony - Training Director
color bullet Carol Amato - Technical Writing Services
color bullet Spirituality in the Workplace - Rainbows & Miracles, etc.
Color bullet Website Visitor Comments


(Note: The travel pages contain photos worth waiting for. However, if you have a slow modem, you might want to turn off the pictures option before going to these pages.)

color bullet Ancient Egypt - Ancient Sacred Energy Sites (photo of King Tut's golden mask) (November, 1995)
color bullet Ancient Mystical England - Ancient and Mystical Sites (photo of Salisbury Cathedral) (April 1998)
color bullet Ancient England - Stone Circles and Sacred Sites (stunning photo of Stonehenge) (April 1996)
color bullet Ancient Greece and Magical Crete - Athens, Delphi, Minoan Culture, Crete (photo of Mykonos) (postponed to future date)
color bullet Finland/St. Petersburg - Shamanism in Finnish Lapland, drum-making, Helsinki, St. Petersburg (photo of Sami national clothing) (August/September, 2000) 
color bullet Magical Mystical Peru - Places visited during this adventure will be Cuzco, Urubamba Valley, Machu Picchu, Aguas Calientes, Puno and surrounding area, Lake Titicaca,  Amantani Island. (September 2003)
color bullet Yucatan - Mayan and Aztec Ruins, sacred sites (photo of Aztec/Mayan ruins) (March, 1997)
color bullet Africa - (photo of colorful native African birds) (postponed to future date)

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Links to Our Community and Friends:

color bullet Abby Leach - Mental Health Therapist, Spiritual Counselor, Healer and Teacher; Olympia, WA
color bullet Arvel Bird - Native American Flutist, Celtic Violinist, blending New Age, Celtic, classical and improvisational music styles into a unique sound like no other artist, Nashville, TN 
color bullet Our Blog: Messages from Spirit during regular listening sessions. 
color bullet Business Process Reengineering & Innovation - Most complete list of resources on business, management and related topics.
color bullet Center for Spiritual Living Mission Viejo - Creating a World that Works for Everyone, Mission Viejo, CA
color bullet Center for Spiritual Living Olympia - Revealing Possibilities. Unleashing Potential, Olympia, WA
color bullet Columbia Pacific University - Columbia Pacific University, a pioneer in distance education, Novato, CA
color bullet Consulting Professionals United - Technical writers and communication specialists (Brian McCaleb), Orange County, CA
color bullet Eric Allenbaugh & Associates - Executive Coach & Leadership Training, Lake Oswego, OR
color bullet Forces of Nature Design - Living in Harmony with the Natural World (Gaela Morrison), Boulder, CO
color bullet Health Rising - Medical Writing Services (Arline Kaplan), Orange County, CA
color bullet Homeopathy for Moms - Homeopathic Nurse (Sue Boyle).  Also,  Kitsap Homeopathy, Poulsbo / Kitsap County, WA 
color bullet IMRI - Information Management Resources, Inc., Laguna Niguel, CA (Martha Daniel)
color bullet International Earth Day - history and information about Earth Day (celebrated on the Spring Equinox in March)
color bullet MADD Orange County - Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Orange County, CA
color bullet MBA Online - a comprehensive collection of lessons on various business topics 
color bullet M Squared - nation's premier value-added broker of independent consultants, San Francisco, CA. 
color bullet New Age Info - Supports and informs the New Age communities (web directory and search site)
color bullet Performance Leadership Report - Monthly newsletter by Harvard University Professor Robert Behn
color bullet Power Path Seminars and Training Programs (José and Lena Stevens), Santa Fe, NM
color bullet Power Vision Dynamics - Visualization Through the Heart (Carole Doré), Orange County, CA 
color bullet Professional Writers of Orange County - Orange County, CA Writers Association
color bullet Puttick Agency - Bridging Authors and Publishers (Elizabeth & Robin Puttick), London, England, UK and 7 Personality Types  (Elizabeth Puttick, author)
color bullet Santa Fe Institute's Brian Arthur - Increasing returns in the high tech economy, Santa Fe, NM
color bullet Sacred Peace Center - Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, Peace Shaman, Orange County, CA 
color bullet Stargazer Publishing Company - Writing and Publishing (Carol Amato), Orange County, CA 
color bullet The Internet Outsourcing Group, Internet Services Provider, Orange County, CA 
color bullet Unity in the Community - Promoting diversity and equality, Olympia, WA  
color bullet Vetwriter - author of books about veterans with extensive links to related resources (Sandy Strait)
color bullet WAMBTAC Communications - Making Literary Dreams Come True (Claudia Suzanne), Orange County, CA 
color bullet Winston Brill - publisher of the monthly Innovative Leader newsletter, Redmond, WA

Links to Other Useful Sites:

color bullet AdMuncher - blocks ads, banner ads, pop-ups and other annoyances that interfere with Internet enjoyment (has a 30-day free trial version)   
color bullet  AncestryDNA Helper - How to Use the AncestryDNA Helper for the Chrome browser 
color bullet  Colorado Soft (e-mail marketing and management tools for Windows).  They have a strict No Spam policy for their products.  We use their WorldMerge software for our monthly newsletter notices  Disclosure: if you buy one of their products through this link, we will receive a referral commission. 
color bullet Electronic Freedom Foundation - Free Speech Online Campaign
color bullet Firefox - The open source browser that is quickly making a name for itself for innovation and security alternatives.    Get Firefox
color bullet Google - Our favorite web search engine, it's lightning fast, translates pdf files and shows cached pages that have been removed from active sites
color bullet Hostway - Internet website hosting and domain name registration.  Check out their prices!
iSixSigma - Quality and Management Resources
color bullet MailWasherFree (trial version) and Mailwasher Pro - for effective e-mail spam filtering. 
color bullet MX Guard Dog - effective e-mail spam filtering for domains. 
color bullet PC-cillin (new version called "Titanium") - Trend Micro Internet Security - the best virus software we have seen (30 day free trial).
color bullet Search and Directory Link Index - More than 100 sites listed  Get Thunderbird e-mail!
color bullet Thunderbird - The open source e-mail program that is safe, fast and easy, with intelligent spam filters, quick message search, and customizable views. 
color bullet Wake Up Laughing - Swami Beyondananda site - for  laughter at any time.
color bullet Yahoo Home Page - Web directory and search site

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Contact Information:

color bullet  Mail: The Institute for Management Excellence, Trabuco Canyon, CA  92679.  Please contact us for correct mailing address
color bullet  E-mail: feedback.htm
color bullet  Phone: (949) 667-1012
color bullet  World Wide Web: 
color bullet  Mailing List (Business): Join our mailing list
color bullet  Mailing List (Michael students): Join our mailing list

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color bullet  blog 

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2015 starts our 20th year on the Internet
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We have stopped publishing detailed statistics such as these online. 

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