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spike bullet April 2014 ~ Spring Shift

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color bulletApril 2014 ~ Spring Shiftspring daisies

Spring is a time of rebirth and the bursting forth of new life.  It signals the end of the long darkness and dreariness of winter as new plants spring forth, the birds start to sing and flowers burst forth.  Each day is a chance to remind us of hope and new beginnings.

How we live our life is determined one day at a time.  Each day, we have a chance to decide to live our life in a better way.  Each day, we have a choice to do things differently than we might have in the past.

We have a chance to ingrain new habits that will eventually make our life and the lives of others happier and more productive. 

A few suggestions for daily habits that will change your life:

  1. Every day, start your day on a positive note.  Feel the love of someone you care about.  Allow it to envelop you before you start your day.
  2. Throughout the day, stop and notice the flowers, the birds, the sky, the buildings, the people and the beauty all around you.  Feel gratitude for all that is wonderful in your world.
  3. Take time to be nice to everyone you encounter.  Be especially gentle with those who are suffering or have forgotten who they are.
  4. Like ripples in a pond or the wings of a butterfly, your small actions like these are truly what makes your world a better place.
  5. Be grateful for all that you have and all that your life has brought you and all the good that your future will bring you.
  6. Remember that everything is already perfect as it is.  And, know that whatever happens is also perfect.
  7. The world is changing and the changes are moving more quickly.  Your attitude is the sole factor that makes the difference in how well you cope and adjust.  Make your attitude every day the best it can be.

You have great power to transform your world in a positive way.  Use your power wisely and you — as well as your planet — will be richly rewarded and reap the benefits — for yourself and those you care about.

Allow that knowing to surround you at all times.  Others will feel it.  You help them simply by being a good example of how it can be.  When others need or ask for your help, remind yourself that you do have the ability to help.  Do what you can, where you can, when you can.

As you and others do these things, your world is changing for the better.

Be who you are  — the best you can be at every moment.  That is more than enough to make a big difference.

  Internet Resources

book graphic  Books  Disclosure: We get a small commission for purchases made via links to Amazon. 

  • Awaken the Inner Shaman: A Guide to the Power Path of the Heart.  José Stevens, Ph.D.  Sounds True, 2014.  ISBN 978-1622030934
  • Transforming Your Dragons: Turning Personality Fear Patterns into Personal Power. José Stevens. Bear & Co; (July 1994) ISBN: 1879181177
  • Income Without a Job: Living Well Without a Paycheck.  Michael Jay Anthony, Barbara J. Taylor., 2008  ISBN-13: 978-0-557-00377-8.  Website:  Tap into your own creativity and use  your full potential.  Learn how to see opportunities that others miss.   

world wide web - articles  Articles

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smiley graphic  The Lighter Side  

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature -- the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter." ―  Rachel Carson

“We say that flowers return every spring, but that is a lie.  It is true that the world is renewed.  It is also true that that renewal comes at a price, for even if the flower grows from an ancient vine, the flowers of spring are themselves new to the world, untried and untested.  The flower that wilted last year is gone.  Petals once fallen are fallen forever.  Flowers do not return in the spring, rather they are replaced.  It is in this difference between returned and replaced that the price of renewal is paid.  And as it is for spring flowers, so it is for us.”  ― Daniel Abraham, The Price of Spring


About our resource links:  We do not endorse or agree with all the beliefs in these links.   We do keep an open mind about different viewpoints and respect the ability of our readers to decide for themselves what is useful.

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